Inzamam-ul-Haq talked about his past life, his present and his future goals in our interview with Samina Peerzada. Not only did he talk about his journey from being a batsman to a team selector, he also revealed secrets never heard before. Inzamam or Inzi spoke of memories, emotions and love with Samina Peerzada.

Inzi shared that the first time he fell in love was with his wife, after marriage. He shared how strong of a bond marriage is and how dedicated he is to his wife and children. He feels happy when dealing with his children and spending time with them. He talked about being a generous and loving father inside the house. However, discipline and maintenance are two of his strong attributes.

From being a generous and fun-loving father to making sure certain rules are followed, Inzi gave examples from his past. He spoke of how his childhood was, referring to it as a cricket oriented and fun experience! From a young age, he started playing cricket with his father and siblings. He had 5 more brothers and a sister. During the day time, he used to play with his brothers and his father outside a mansion they had. They used to play for hours and the competition was quite healthy. All of them were great at cricket and their father maintained a level of energy in all of them.

Apart from cricket, their childhood was indulged in an emotional bondage between every member of the family. Their only sister was very adorned and was the favorite of the household. She was not only loved and spoiled by everyone, she was also given preferences over people. All of the siblings had a good bond ever since a very young age.

The overall setup of the house was rather simple and decent. Everyone used to get together for the time of lunches, dinners and other festivities. Everyone had an input and impact on the decision making inside the house.

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