Mahira Khan – the very well-known diva of the industry shares some deep secrets on Speak your Heart with Sameena Peerzada that are quite unbelievable but at the same time, they are unravelling her enigmatic persona. She is much more than just being an actress on a big screen. She has another dimension to her personality that lives under the garb of ‘Mahira Khan’.

Not so ordinary woman has been raised in an ordinary environment where she used to live in a joint family with her cousins surrounding her all the time. She had been endowed with an endless love throughout her childhood because she was the first born child of her parents who came into their lives after 8 years when they were on the verge of losing hope. She was very close to her grandfather and they used to write letters to each other. Those letters, like Mahira says, are the treasure for her that she shall cherish for a lifetime.

She was into films and music since the very young age and she used to do dance like a crazy child. She had an urge to do something big in her life since she was very young and used to daydream about acting on a big screen and becoming a successful star. However, she was raised in a family which was full of bankers, businessmen and doctors but she did not follow the most followed path and paved her own way to success.

Despite being a dearest child, she became mature at her early age. Rather than following the mainstream path that every other child is bound to go through, she started to explore the life in another direction. She could not complete her college because she was too occupied with her jobs that she could not manage them both. She wanted to complete her studies but she had something else in her mind.

Even though she takes her life quite seriously but she still has a small child inside her that never goes away and pops out when she is with her family especially with her son. Although she is very committed to her career, once she gets back home, she crawls into her real-life characters: a daughter and most of all a mother.

She used to paint during the childhood that has led the foundation for her idealistic nature. Later, her passion for painting transformed into her idea of romanticising everything. She lives in another zone where she fantasizes every single thing even a minute object. This could be the reason for her falling in love at the very young age. She loves to write too; not a poetry or anything similar to that but she writes her heart out because, in the end, she is a human being who’s dealing with her stardom.

Upon asking her future endeavours, she openly revealed that she wishes to direct someday because she always wanted to explore that dimension as well. It might not be wrong to say that Mahira Khan is the ultimate explorer who is constantly hopping here and there to discover and experience whatever life has in store for her.

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